Leadership advisor to the CEO on Legacy Projects

Build sustainable competitive advantage for your organisation, right from the start. Deliver an admired “leave behind” leadership legacy when you hand over to your successor.

What do I mean by “Legacy” and why should any CEO hire me?
As founder of First100 I get to speak and work with CEOs who are new to their role. They invariably start out talking about their legacy and wanting to make a difference. How can they build the kind of advantage that will allow their company to thrive for decades? How thoroughly must they transform the company to make this happen? How will they develop the next generation of leaders, and groom them for challenges that can't yet be imagined?

All too soon, however, I notice that the demands of managing the near-term business take over.

Many CEOs put legacy issues on hold, and concentrate instead on making their quarterly growth targets.  This generally means doing whatever needs to be done to meet the most urgent, immediate demands at any given moment. My observation is that this is why, ultimately, many CEOs fail to set out a clear and differentiating strategy.

The surest way to build sustainable competitive advantage under your CEO tenure is to strike the right balance between addressing short-term quarterly targets, with long-term leadership legacy goals.

I can expertly assist you on how to build your Leadership Legacy Plan, starting with the end in mind. I will create the time, space and opportunity to lift you out of the quarter to quarter mentality. I will write your Leadership Legacy Plan – so that everything you do, quarter to quarter, is contextualised more coherently under your umbrella leadership legacy strategy.

Rather than a feeling of lurching from quarter to quarter, everything you do will have more strategic coherence and fit. You will feel more in control.

Your legacy impact as CEO will be more significant than you could have ever imagined.

Niamh O’Keeffe, founder of CEOassist™ has a track record of 18 years career experience across leadership advisory services - including strategy consulting, executive search, and leadership coaching. Before launching CEOassist, Niamh was founder and Managing Director of First100™, and she worked for the firm’s most senior and CEO clients in London and New York, including Accenture, Appsense, BT, Microsoft and Oliver Wyman Group.

Niamh O’Keeffe
Leadership Advisor to the CEO
on Legacy Projects

• Legacy Plan Development
• Big break-through ideas
• Challenger, sounding board

Start with end in mind

Think in advance on how you want to be remembered as CEO. Now craft your leadership strategy accordingly.