Niamh O’Keeffe is a published author, with her latest book “Your First 100 Days: how to make maximum impact in your new leadership role” was published and launched by Financial Times Prentice Hall (“the world’s business publisher”) in October 2011.

Niamh is currently working on her next book, specifically targeted at CEOs and inspiring them to deliver world leadership legacy projects; “Your Leadership Legacy: how to make maximum world impact as CEO”.

Extract from “Your Leadership Legacy: how to make maximum world impact as CEO”

Be the best leader you can be
“Some commentators say that we have suffered an economic crisis - but I believe it is more accurate to say that we suffered a leadership crisis and that the global economic meltdown is merely symptomatic. As the world comes to terms with the financial meltdown just endured, our business leaders need to emerge better and stronger. Our business leaders need to try harder, to take more responsibility, to deliver better outcomes faster. We need to see the emergence of a new breed of CEO who will take their role seriously, who will create structure out of chaos, and who will lead by example, who will motivate their teams to deliver on missions that will strengthen their organisations, create stability and help maintain jobs and boost the economy, and most importantly deliver a lasting world leadership legacy”.